Oliver Wright WWII Mysteries

2018 Daphne du Maurier Award winner for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense

Oliver Wright and his German shepherd, Harley, members of the Marine K-9 Corps, survived Guam, barely, and are home in Point Richmond, California, once a quiet community surrounded by rolling hills, eucalyptus trees, and brine-scented breezes off the San Francisco Bay. Quiet no longer, the town never sleeps. All-night theaters, blues clubs, and juke joints have sprung up to entertain the newcomers working to win the war.

With them come murders Oliver must solve. Trouble is, his years as a homicide detective may not be enough to make up for the limiting injuries he sustained on Guam.

Still he perseveres, accompanied by a band of unlikely helpers, and, of course, Harley.

Each book in the series may be read as a stand-alone but starting with In the Shadow of Lies, the first book, will give the reader a fuller understanding of the characters as they evolve throughout the series.