In the Shadow of Lies

Book One of the Oliver Wright WWII Mysteries

Point Richmond, California has everything. Rolling hills, views of San Francisco, an Italian café, and murder. The Army asks Marine Lieutenant Oliver Wright, a former homicide detective recovering from his war injuries, to find out who killed an Italian POW before a riot breaks out. Was it another POW, a black soldier, a stranger?

As they investigate, Oliver and and his German Shepherd, Harley, meet a community that embraces them. But will Oliver survive to enjoy his new friends? Not if an enemy who derailed his life twenty-five years ago has his way.


In the Shadow of Lies is a jewel to be kept and enjoyed in everyone’s personal library as a testament to human history and as an excellent literary piece. A must read!”
—Reader Views

“M.A. Adler weaves this taunting mystery through a series of intriguing clues, and troubled characters. In the Shadow of Lies proves to be a skillfully written mystery taking place during a very distressing period in American history, yet confirms that hope and kindness can triumph over intolerance in the darkest of times.”
—San Francisco Book Review

“Adler’s In the Shadow of Lies is beautifully written, with vivid descriptions of the golden hillsides, Italian coffee shops, foggy mornings and the coast… This book is a marvelous mix of history and police-procedural, with characters who are well-defined and vibrant, and an original and suspenseful storyline that does not disappoint. In the Shadow of Lies is a remarkable work and is most highly recommended.”
—Readers’ Favorite