Mysteries for the Long Haul

Apr 9, 2020 | Writing

April 2020, and it looks as if we are inside for the long haul so I want to share some of the mystery series I enjoy. They are well-written, and the plots will keep your interest but will not give you nightmares. These are the books I read when I am tired. When you fall asleep with the book on your chest, you will not have to reread pages and pages to remember what is happening.

I also read them when I want to enter a gentler world. One without dismembered bodies, or graphic violence, or missing children. Dogs play a large part in many of them.

There are many other wonderful books, but I offer these as lighter mysteries, ones with characters you will enjoy. I suppose most of them would be considered cozy, light but not twee. They go well with a wee dram, a glass of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate.

Jana DeLeon, Miss Fortune Mystery Books, Louisiana — very funny

Melinda Mullet, A Whiskey Business Mystery — Scotland and Whiskey

Julie Mulhern, The Country Club Murders and the Poppy Fields Adventures.

Patricia Linn, Caught Dead in Wyoming books

Kassandra Lamb, Marcia Banks and Buddy Cozy Mystery. Dog Trainer

Patrice Greenwood, Wisteria Tearoom Mystery — Santa Fe

Peter Grainger, DC Smith Investigations — England

Nell Goddin, Molly Sutton Mysteries — American in France

Mary Feliz, A Maggie McDonnell Mystery — Central coast

Joy Ellis, The Fens Mystery Books — England

Todd Borg, The Lake Tahoe Mysteries.

Slightly darker.

Adrian McKinty, Detective Sean Duffy books — Ireland

Brian McGilloway, Inspector Devlin Mystery Series

Angela Marsons, Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller books — England

L.M. Krier, DI Ted Darling. Books — England, gay detective

Alex Kava, Maggie O’Dell Novels and Ryder Creed Books. The Maggie books were written first, then Ryder joins.   American, Ryder books include dogs

Martha Grimes — England and America

Nicci French, Frieda Klein Mysteries — England

P F Ford, Dave Slater Mystery Novels — Eng



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