Why Write?

Write what should not be


Isabel Allende

I believe it is not only historical events that should not be forgotten, but feelings and memories and the truth and lies behind them, and all the times past that exist simultaneously in the heart and mind of the writer.


My Oliver Wright WWII Mysteries are set in a time past, the time of my childhood, and when I write them, I set them against the social issues of their time. People often ask whether events in the books actually occurred. Yes, they did. The Port Chicago explosion, the relocation of Italian American families, the U.S. denial of sanctuary to Jewish immigrants fleeing the Holocaust.

My memories of those times provide wonderful characters: Mrs. Forgione, very much my grandmother; some villains I can’t identify; and, of course, the dogs. I would like to share some of them here.


Atlantic City, a clue.

Tori, the inspiration for Harley

Lucy and Nicky





In the Shadow of Lies

An Oliver Wright WWII Mystery

Shadowed by Death

An Oliver Wright WWII Mystery